30 day countdown!

Change Day Alberta is a grassroots initiative that provides Albertans with the opportunity to come together and harness collective energy, creativity and ideas to make a positive impact on our health care system. Our small actions can make a big difference in improving the care and wellbeing of those who use our health system.

Health care is something that we often take for granted until we need it and then we are completely at the mercy of it.  Change Day is an opportunity for all of us to pledge to contribute in a collective way that will have a positive impact on our health care system.  We hope you will take the opportunity to stop and think about how we can each have a positive impact on our healthcare system.

Though it is likely that a majority of the Change Day pledges have been from people who in or regularly interact with the health care system there are a number of ways that the rest of Albertans can have an important and positive impact our health care system.

Join us in our pledge

To establish Greg’s Army and continue to share what we learn about our health care system through healtharrows.ca

We often hear about how complicated, huge and resistant to change the health care system is.  Greg’s Army will be there to support the good, influence the bad and to advocate for the continuously improving, innovative health care system that we believe Alberta should have.

Greg’s Army is a group of people who have promised to:

  • Be engaged in what issues exist in the health care system
  • Support the initiatives that you believe will have a positive impact on the patience experience and outcomes
  • Join the conversation when changes or improvements to the health care system are needed

…or join one of the other campaigns that have already started

Change Day AB – Make a pledge. Start a Ripple.