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We are sharing this information for two main purposes. First, it is to provide you with knowledge based on our personal experiences with the Health Care System in Alberta. Knowledge that could mean the difference between life and death for you or someone you know and care about when you have to rely on the health care system in Alberta. We firmly believe that if we would have had this information in advance, Greg, our son, brother, friend, would be with us today.

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Greg’s Army

The Greg’s Army idea was inspired by Greg’s drive to have an impact. Greg’s Army is a group of people who see the need for change and who believe they have the ability, knowledge, experience and creativity to accomplish it.

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Greg had a gift for inspiring others to challenge themselves. He led by example and he would not have stood down from this fight. We are doing this because this is what he would have done. Greg would have spent hours pacing around the room brainstorming about how to fix the system.

Greg’s Army will be there to support the good, influence the bad and to advocate for the health care system that we believe Alberta should have.

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