When we created Health Arrows we wanted it to be a place where we could encourage progress and improvement in our health system. We wanted to highlight what was being done right to uncover a path to a future where patients’ experiences wouldn’t be like Greg’s.

In an ideal system patients would have the information they need to be informed, they would have an effective way of communicating with their care team, and the entire team would have a clear understanding of the care plan, next steps and shared goals. Currently it is common for the patient to only receive information in a doctor’s office, members of the care team work within their own silos without the ability to collaborate as a team, and the patient experience is rarely unified or continuous.

What would happen if patients started asking their doctors what method of communication they rely on? What if we explained that it is possible to be easily notified when referrals are received and when? What if we requested copies of all communication related to our care? What if we could share information with our care providers about real, viable and valuable alternatives to fax machines? Would an informed public be able to apply enough pressure to cause required changes in the way healthcare functions?

One of the reasons for posting about digital health is to share examples of tools that currently exist. I decided to ask companies that are having a positive impact a set of questions and to share their responses.

Q & A with Brightsquid Secure Communications Corp.

The first company on the list is Brightsquid Secure Communications Corp. Brightsquid reached out to us
because they believed that we had shared goals and, like us,
they believe that better communication can save lives. I am excited about the positive impact Brightsquid is having on patients and the potential they show for even greater systemic improvement in the way we all receive care.

I hope to continue to profile more companies and if you know of (or are part of) a great example please let me know by emailing Teri@healtharrows.ca.

Q & A with Digital Health companies: What’s out there for us?

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