The next priority that we would like to discuss was originally labelled as the “Establishment of a Universal Health Record for Albertans” and over the last year we have realized that this issue isn’t just about a single or universal health record but is really about how information is shared and accessed, both with the patient and between the care team.

The infographic below attempts to highlight some of the barriers that Greg faced and some of the ways that digital health could help by enabling access and sharing of information.

Recently I have seen a couple of interviews and keynotes with former Vice President Joe Biden where he is discussing his involvement in the recent Cancer Moonshot. In particular his comments about the “urgency of now” resonate – in contrast to this morning’s announcement regarding the delay of Alberta’s Patient Portal – Biden is adamant that now is the time to act and encourages innovation, entrepreneurship and collaboration.  We don’t believe we can afford to wait for government to provide a solution for us. We need the system to embrace the innovation that is happening around them.

How digital health could have helped Greg

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