You may remember that after the release of the HQCA report and recommendations, Minister Horne ordered the agencies involved to report back to him:

“Horne said he’s writing to the parties involved, including Alberta Health Services, the Alberta Medical Association and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, asking them for their plans to implement those suggestions within the next few months.”

On June 11 the CPSA wrote a letter to Minister Horne and today we are posting our response to that letter.

We know there have been other discussions, the AMA passed some resolutions at their Representatives Forum a number of months ago, but the CPSA letter from June 11 is the only formal response to Minister Horne that we, as Greg’s family, have been provided a copy of – and we certainly appreciate that they have taken this step.

We reviewed the CPSA’s letter , wrote one of our own, and provided copies of it to Minister Horne and other people and organizations that were also sent the College’s letter.

The glacial pace of change, or lack there of, is not just frustrating but it is dangerous (and in Greg’s case fatal) to patients in Alberta. We have to find a way to elevate the will to, and to effectively cause meaningful change much more quickly.

College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta’s letter to Minister Horne