Today Greg would have been 37.  By now, his plans were to have a family of his own starting to grow.  He would be well on his way to accomplishing his vision to change the way water is recovered and how it is used in the oil and gas exploration world.  He would also have continued to be a great supporter of his brothers and sisters and all of his family and extended family, and at the same time mentoring youth and giving a little help to anyone else that needed it.  He would be enjoying all of this and we would be seeing his infectious smile.  Our world is not the same without it.  We miss him dearly.

We are left with our cherished memories of who he was, and what he chose to stand for.  We try to honour him by attempting to emulate his determination and his drive for positive change.  Now, we work toward improvements to the health system so that in the future, no one loses someone to the existing gaps in the system because there is not enough real teamwork or patient partnered care.

We have created Greg’s Wings Projects, a not for profit company, and it, in turn, has supported the development of an excellent film called Falling Through The Cracks: Greg’s Story.  This 30-minute film shows what Greg encountered as he tried to navigate through the health system, prior to his premature death.  We believe that this film can both educate people about what they need to be prepared for in dealing with the health system, and to generate interest in how people may be able to help as we all work together to make things better.  Please visit the Greg’s Wings website too (  You will find the information on the Calgary Premiere of the film on May 17th and other public showing events as they are finalized.

April 5th, Greg’s Birthday

One thought on “April 5th, Greg’s Birthday

  • February 12, 2019 at 11:38 am

    Good Morning! I attended the forum this morning at the Health Science Center at the Foothills.

    I watched the film and would just like to say how sorry I am for your loss of a wonderful man.
    I work in the Operating Room so I am in the system and am totally shocked and embarrassed with your family ‘s story. I’ve been working for 30 years in the acute care side of healthcare and cannot believe how your sons case was handled.

    With that said , my own personal story is with my Mom in BC. She was diagnosed with cancer and lived in a small town also. The difference is, even in a small town like Courtenay there was a “mandate of care” for cancer diagnosis. She had to have surgery within a month of diagnosis, she had to have an appointment with an Oncologist within a time frame. My point here is even in a small town there should be Mandates of care set and Calgary should have them for sure. I’m not sure why BC has them and not here in Alberta.

    As a family , you will get these Mandates set up I have no doubt! Wonderful film and amazing work you are doing. Keep it up!


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